About Us

Service Finder was started in 2011 in response to the difficulties we have all experienced in either renovating our homes, or working in the trades industry.

Finding great tradespeople is a typical problem for all renovators. Finding the time to get quotes and organise the work that needs to be done is often impossible.

For tradespeople, low cost advertising and promotions and better ways to get good jobs in local areas is always a challenge. Knowing where to find the right supplies, especially when on the job all day with no access to the internet or a computer is simply a nuisance.

We have built Builder APP to make everything easier for you. Renovating is stressful enough without unnecessary hassles.

Our goal is to provide the best directory tool possible for people in the domestic building industry.
Local tradespeople of all types, proximity-based search functionality, the lowest cost listings offered anywhere, a simple and easy to use APP and real customer and subscriber support are what we’re about.
We plan to run our business the way we like our renovations and jobs to go: honestly, simply, fairly priced and of great quality.

We hope that over the next year we build the largest community of tradespeople, renovators, suppliers and sponsors in the Australian renovations industry and change the way we all find and get our renovations done for the better.